Studio Damgaard

Portrait Photography

by Leah Damgaard-Hansen

Portraits are storytellers.
Preconceived ideas or formulas, over-stylization, heavy processing, unnatural posing—all these things, in my experience, only get in the way.
I always allow the unique nature of each subject and story to dictate the process.

There's a great word in Danish, my other language: "livsnyder." It's not easy to translate (let alone pronounce) but in essence it refers to someone who desires to enjoy existence to the full---someone who deeply appreciates and soaks up all the wonderful things in the world, without needing to be ostentatious or drenched in luxury. This is the approach I try to take not only to life, but to my work: a vision for the good things, the real moments, the richness of human connection and being in the world.

Wonderful for: individual and family portraits; businesses small or large; artists and musicians; engagements and elopements; private or public events; theater, shows, social media and/or promotional content; and more.
I also photograph animals, spaces, products, food & drink; and any of your great ideas!

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My first camera was a little early-90s analogue point-and-shoot under the tree on my fifth Christmas morning. I rediscovered photography in a deeper way in my early 20s, and it has been an indispensable part of my life ever since.
My tools of choice are Nikon & Fujifilm digital cameras as well as a growing cohort of 35mm film cameras.
I'm not an in-your-face photographer—you'll find me to be a calm, friendly, personable presence who just lets you be yourself. Isn't that what we all want anyway?

In addition to making pictures, I love the natural world, our creature friends, reading and learning and thinking, cooking beautiful food, going off the beaten path, meeting people with stories, and new horizons. I also work in filmmaking, writing, and (plot twist!) piano technology. That's right, I can take your portrait AND tune your piano (just ask!).


A typical portrait session costs $300. This rate includes all post-processing and your high-resolution digital image files.
I offer package deals for certain projects, e.g. recurring shorter sessions for new social media content every month, etc.
If you have any questions or a special project in mind, please get in touch and I will give you a tailored quote.


I work primarily in the Hudson Valley area of New York but am available to travel throughout the Tri-State area as well as much of the East Coast and the Philadelphia/Lancaster areas.

© 2019 Leah Damgaard-Hansen. All rights reserved.

"Leah is a pure delight to work with. She is a gentle presence, attentive to detail, and humbly at the service of the moment, ready to see and capture beauty as it is. Natural & real. Her work is gentle, warmly loving, and quietly powerful, like her."
-Marian V., PA

© 2019 Leah Damgaard-Hansen. All rights reserved.